Easy Availability Page Software
Easy Availability Page Software
Easy Availability Page Software
Key Features
  • Clean layout.
  • Multi-lingual interface.
  • Customisable colours, dates, start days, seasons, prices and more.
  • Updated online. No HTML to learn.
  • Flat file database. No MySQL needed.
  • No recurring fees.
  • Minimal technical skill needed for installation.
  • ... & much more. See
    details & screen-shots
  • A web site for your rental property ...
  • on a Unix/Linux or Windows server ...
  • with PHP 4/5 installed.
  • A 'modern' browser, with Java Script enabled.
  • 'Beginner's level' of technical skill.
  • See more detail about requirements
User Comments
"Thanks again - great product - a lot easier to use than some of the ones I looked at and you really can make it look like your own site, which is probably why I won't rush to integrate it."
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Frequently Asked Questions About Easy Availability©
(These FAQs all relate to 'Pre-sales' issues.
If you require technical support you need to visit the 'Support' page.)
The Easy Availability project was closed in 2011 when it was superseded by industry-wide changes in software for rental property. It has been archived here as a momento of earlier programing times.

Thanks to all contributors and customers for their support.

Product Questions

Why do I need an availability page?
There are a number of arguments for an 'availability page' for a rental property, but one of the strongest is concerned with customer convenience. The property rental market is extremely competitive and many owners already do their best to entice customers with well-designed sites, attractive layouts and smooth, effort-free booking procedures. Part of this involves having an up-to-date availability page, thereby giving customers the convenience of checking possible dates at a glance.

If your competitors are already using such a professional approach, then it makes no sense to insist that your own potential customers go through the hard-headed, slow and tedious procedure of having to email you to enquire about a range of vacation dates. A proportion of prospective customers simply won't bother. Instead, they will just move on to another site where they can find information with less hassle. From a commercial perspective this loss is hard to justify. Common sense suggests that, having worked so hard to attract visitors to a site in the first place, owners should do everything in their power to try and convert them into customers.

How does Easy Availability work?
Our software helps you to create and maintain an 'availability' page for your rental property. You don't need to know anything about HTML to set it up and update it. When you want to make changes you simply navigate to the availability page using your web browser, login, make changes and log out. In that regard it's simpler and MUCH faster than trying to format, amend and deal with availability pages off-line.

Is the software for one rental property or several?
Both situations are catered for. We have a 'single property' version and a 'multi-property' version. The first displays every day of the year on a specific calendar and is suitable for those who let by the day AND week. The multi-property version displays weekly availability of up to five properties on one page, and is therefore suitable for those with multiple properties let by the week. Those with multiple properties let by the day should install multiple copies of the single property version. Details are here.

How much can it be customised?
The product allows for extensive customisation of colours and page data by those with no HTML experience at all. Those users more experienced with HTML will be able to make very large changes to page layout and design.

Will it work with my browser?
The product has been tested with all main modern browsers. Go to the Demo page to try yours out.

Will it work on any server?
Easy Availability software has been written with portability in mind and 'should' work on any web server equipped with PHP4 or above. It has been tested on a range of Linux/Unix and Windows servers. To establish that it works on yours, download the trial version and try it out.

How can I check if I have PHP on my web server?
There are several possibilities:
  • Email your web host and ask
  • Go to your web host's site and check the hosting package you have. It should say if PHP is included
  • Go into your site's Control Panel and look around. Some control panels report on installed components and may tell you if you have PHP
  • Download this ZIP file, unzip it, and FTP the enclosed file (php_info.php) into your site's root directory. Then point your browser at:


    and a full report on your PHP installation will be shown if PHP is installed.
I have some 'free' web space with my ISP. Will it work on there?
We don't know. It depends very much on whether your ISP gives you web space that is anything more than glorified 'storage space'. Much 'free' web space has little of no functionality. To find our views on 'free' space, and a recommendation for some VERY cheap, full-featured and reliable web space, see the bottom paragraph on the requirements page.

Can you recommend a web host with PHP where this software will run?
Yes. See the above question.

Installation Questions

How easy is the product to install?
We have tried to design an installation process that is as simple as possible. In effect, this means that the product files have only to be copied to your server and then the file permissions altered on certain files. If you have prior experience of product installation and FTP then you will find Easy Availability quite simple to install.

I want you to install it for me – will you do it?
Yes, we can install the product for you. To use our installation service please select either the 'Basic' or 'Advanced' Installation option while ordering the version and licence type you want (see more info here). Please note that to install the product for you we will need some information from you about how to access your hosting space.

Do I have to know about HTML and Style Sheets (CSS)?
It depends on what you want to achieve, as these gradations indicate:
- To install the product - No
- To configure and operate the product - No
- To adjust page colours, text and text colours - No
- To do a basic change of the masthead graphic - No
- To format user-added page text (italics, bold, etc) - Yes, but very little
- To customise the overall page shape, table positioning and layout - Yes, moderate.
- To completely customise the page layout in order to integrate it completely into my existing site - Yes, quite a lot.

Do I need to know about PHP coding?
No ... although you do need to know that you if you decide to start extensive internal customisation of the code on your availability page then you should be doing it in a BASIC ASCII TEXT EDITOR (like Windows Notepad) and not a 'fancy' WYSIWYG editor like Front Page (which will very likely 'break' your page).

If I move my website to another host do I need to reinstall the software and set up new calendars?
No, at least not fully. If you move to another host you should download all your existing site files from your old server to your PC, and the upload them all to your new server. You should do this via FTP. You will then need to change a couple of file permissions on Easy Availability and everything should work just as it did on the old server, including your existing calendar data.

Licensing Questions

I have 3 properties. Will I need to buy 3 copies of the software?
Please refer to this page for further guidance to establish which version of the software and which licence type is most suitable for your situation.

I advertise my property on more than one website – how many licenses do I need?
Licences work on a 'one per site' basis. If you have two sites dedicated to renting your property (although such a scenario is very unlikely) then you will need two licences.

Payment Questions

How much is it?
Full product descriptions and prices are available here.

Can I pay by cheque?
Yes. We accept cheques drawn on a UK bank account and made out in Pounds Sterling. Please note that we cannot issue you with a registration key for the software until your cheque has been cleared.

Can I pay by direct bank transfer?
Yes. Within the UK we accept payment via direct bank transfer, but please note that we cannot issue you with a registration key for the software until your transfer has been cleared.

Can I pay by credit card or debit card?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards via our Paypal payment facility. You do not need a PayPal account to pay by Credit Card.

Which currency can I pay in?
Paypal enables payment in Euros, Pounds Sterling, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Yen and Australian Dollars. You can pay for purchases in your selected currency and the payment is automatically converted to Sterling.

You use Paypal but I don't have a Paypal account. How can I pay?
You no longer require a Paypal account to use PayPal’s payment facilities for credit card processing. You can go through the checkout just as you would do with any other provider.

OR, if you already have a Paypal account and wish to use it for payment, please click the relevant option in the first stage of the PayPal checkout form.

Support Questions & Troubleshooting

Is there any support included with the software?
We offer a variety of support options, including a comprehensive online Manual, a Technical Q&A section, a Support Forum and a Support ticket system. Please visit the support section to find out more. Should you require more 'hands-on' support with installation then please opt for either of the 'Installation' options when buying your chosen EasyAvailability version and licence. We will install the software for customers who opt for this.

If I am stuck with my installation – where can I get help?
If you are encountering any problems during installation please refer to the Support section of this website – and look for support first in the Manual, then the Technical Q&As, then the Forum. If none offers a solution to your problem then please log a support ticket.

As an alternative you can opt to upgrade your 'Self-Install' licence to a 'Basic Installation' licence and we will install the product for you. Email us to discuss this with you. Our email addresses are here.

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