Easy Availability Page Software
Easy Availability Page Software
Easy Availability Page Software
Key Features
  • Clean layout.
  • Multi-lingual interface.
  • Customisable colours, dates, start days, seasons, prices and more.
  • Updated online. No HTML to learn.
  • Flat file database. No MySQL needed.
  • No recurring fees.
  • Minimal technical skill needed for installation.
  • ... & much more. See
    details & screen-shots
  • A web site for your rental property ...
  • on a Unix/Linux or Windows server ...
  • with PHP 4/5 installed.
  • A 'modern' browser, with Java Script enabled.
  • 'Beginner's level' of technical skill.
  • See more detail about requirements
User Comments
"Thanks again - great product - a lot easier to use than some of the ones I looked at and you really can make it look like your own site, which is probably why I won't rush to integrate it."
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Features of Easy Availability

  • Multi-lingual. Easy Availability ships with English, French and German versions as standard, but other languages can be added by users.
  • Customisable through a standard web browser - customise colours, text, prices, seasons and dates via your favourite web-browser. Tested with IE, Firefox and Opera. No HTML to learn for normal use.
    TIP: Test if your browser is compatible by trying the on-line demo.
  • Users with basic HTML knowledge can use it to enhance customisation and integration with existing site pages.
  • Designed to be quick and easy to install - download, unzip, transfer files to your server, start configuration.
    TIP:You should download and install the trial version to check if the product is compatible with your particular web server.
  • Flat file database already integrated. No need for MySQL or other server-based databases to be set up.
Screen Shots of the 'Single Property' Version

Easy Availability has two principal sections:

1. The 'Availability Page' itself. This is the page that shows your rental availability to your potential guests. This screen shot shows the default, uncustomised appearance of the 'single property' version.
TIP:To experiment with customising the page, go to the on-line demo.
Easy Availability Main Page
2. The Admin Section, through which you can:
Make a 1-year Calendar
Easy Availability Calendar Making Page
Add text, prices & Seasons
Easy Availability Text Editing Page
Customise Page Colours
Easy Availability Colour Editing Page
Edit Your Availability
Easy Availability Calendar Editing Page

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