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Operating Manual for Easy Availability
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Changing Masthead - simple

The simplest way of changing the masthead graphic on your availability page is to overwrite the existing graphic with one of your own. To do that, follow these instructions:

1. Make a new graphic in your favourite graphics program.

2. For best fit, the graphic should conform to these dimensions: 758 pixels wide x 100 pixels high. Try to keep it within a 'reasonable' file size ... say 15 kb - 30 kb.

3. Save it in JPG format with the filename: ea_masthead.jpg (NB all lower case letters!)

4. Open your FTP software and connect to your website. Now use the 'web server window' of the FTP software to navigate to your web server's directory in which you placed your installation of Easy Availability (TIP: This will be the directory with the file 'availability.php' in it.)

5. From there, navigate to the EasyAvailability sub-directory: ea/ea_images/.

6. In that directory, find the file: ea_masthead.jpg. Rename it to: ea_masthead_old.jpg. (TIP: FTP products have different methods of allowing you to access the 'file rename' command. On some you can right-click the file and choose 'Rename' from the fly-out menu).

7. Now use FTP's 'local window' to navigate to your newly-made image on your PC.

8. Select it and copy it across to your server.

9. Now view your availability page in your browser (don't forget to 'Refresh' the page in order to load your new graphic) to ensure that your picture is viewable.

TIP: To revert to the old graphic, access your server using FTP, visit the image directory shown above, delete the file ea_masthead.jpg (which is your own newly-made graphic), then rename the file ea_masthead_old.jpg to be ea_masthead.jpg.

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