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Operating Manual for Easy Availability
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File Permissions


Access to files on web servers is governed by a series of 'permissions' for security purposes. These permissions dictate who is allowed to 'read', 'write' to, or 'execute' these files.

Easy Availability requires that some files be given 'write' permissions so that the program can store data in them. The procedure is quite easy, but the method varies according to the kind of server your web host uses.

If you are using a Linux server then you will be able to make these changes to the 'file permissions' remotely, by using a function called "CHMOD" - a program used on Linux systems to change permissions of files. It should be possible to set the permissions on a file or folder using your FTP program.

NB. If you are using a Windows server then remote CHMOD will not work.

Follow the directions below according to the type of server you have.

Linux/Unix: Open your FTP program and connect to your website. On your web server, navigate to the files for which you wish to change permissions. Highlight each file and use CHMOD to set its permissions as specified in the INSTALL.TXT instructions included in your ZIPPED software file. On some FTP programs, setting permissions is as easy as right-clicking the file and choosing 'CHMOD' or 'Permissions' from the fly-out menu.

TIP: If your FTP program does not list CHMOD as a function or tool, try looking for a function labeled 'attributes' or similar.

Windows: Methods to set Windows file permissions are a little less specific because there is no standard way for users to change file permissions remotely. Windows does not support FTP CHMOD. The normal solution is to access your website via its 'Control Panel' and to use the Control Panel's internal file manager to navigate around your files and change the permissions as necessary.

If you have no access via a file manager you can write to your web host, specifying the files you want changed, and ask them to set the permissions for you.

You will need to give 'write' permissions to the files specified in the INSTALL.TXT instructions included in your ZIPPED software file.

NB For security purposes the Easy Availability files and their permissions are not listed here, but can be found in the Installation guide (INSTALL.TXT) that accompanies the product.

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