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Operating Manual for Easy Availability
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Change the display of seasons

1. Go to the Admin page and login.

2. Use the button labelled 'Edit this Calendar'. Be patient while your page loads in your browser. There is a lot of information being transmitted and processed.

3. You will be taken to a new page where your whole calendar will be laid out with opportunities for you to edit the 'Season' applicable to each week of the year. By default each week will always show the 'lowest' season you've selected to work with in your range of seasons.

4. To select a different season for any week simply select the new season from the drop-down menu for that particular week.

5. Go through the year, selecting and changing seasons to reflect your pricing structure.

6. After you have made your alterations please make sure to click 'Save Edited Calendar'.

7. Please be patient while your page is analysed, processed and transmitted to your server.

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