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Operating Manual for Easy Availability
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The following is only relevant if you are installing Easy Availability into a sub-directory (e.g. /home/public_html/availability/ ) on your web server. If you have installed EasyAvailability in your web 'root' directory (i.e. /home/public_html/) then you can ignore what follows.

If you have placed the files in a sub-directory then, for security purposes, that sub-directory should contain an 'index' file to display to surfers who attempt to explore the directory. Without an 'index' file, a complete list of files from your Easy Availability installation will be shown. This represents a potential security risk. (This doesn't happen if you install your files in the 'root' directory because your site's own 'Home' page acts as the index file for the 'root' directory.)

EasyAvailability comes complete with a 'ready-to-use' index page in case you need to use it. It is in the same directory as 'availability.php' and is called 'ea_index.html'.

If you need to use it as an 'index' page, simply connect to your site with FTP, navigate to the file 'ea_index.html' and 'rename ' it to 'index.html'. You can use your FTP software to rename the file. Any surfers then visiting that directory will be redirected to your availability page instead of being shown a directory listing.

** WARNING! ** Do not utilise or rename the file 'ea_index.html' if your Easy Availability installation is in the web 'root' directory (i.e. /home/public_html/ OR /home/www/), or you will overwrite your own site's HOME page!!

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