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Operating Manual for Easy Availability
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All the Easy Availability files are packaged and delivered in a .zip file format, so this step requires you to un-zip these files.

If you don't already have the common utility WinZip, you can download it from www.winzip.com. It will allow you to get at the files inside the distribution package so that you can start setting up Easy Availability.

Use WinZip to open the downloaded 'ZIP' file (or use Windows' own inbuilt unzipping utility). 'Unzip' all the files into a handy location on your PC (perhaps 'My Documents') ensuring that you maintain the directory structure.

Now navigate to these newly unzipped files. You should find a new directory labelled for the version you've just unzipped (either ea_sp, ea_sp_plus, ea_mp, or ea_trial). Inside it will be all the files and directories of your new software.

You can now proceed either to the 'FTP' or to the 'Uploading' stage in this manual.

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